Implanting Services @ Event

Implanting Services @ Event


Vendor : Chip My Life

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Implanting Services at a Future Faqtory Event

Purchase an implant (which will not be sent out) and to reserve your spot at a Future Faqtory Implanting Event.


  • Future Faqtory - Level 1 B, 311 Sussex St Sydney NSW

 Please note:

  • The implanting service doesn't include the implant. You will also need to purchase an implant as well
  • The implant service covers one booking per chip
  • We will only implant Microchips that have been purchased from Chip My Life or Dangerous Things that are still sealed in their original packaging
  • A second Implant at the SAME TIME is $50
  • Implants by CML are ONLY in the webbing of the left or right hand

The microchips are supplied by and the information below is sourced from their website. Chip My Life is a partner of Dangerous Things and an approved supplier for Australia and New Zealand.



Please read the FAQ!!!

Return Policy

Should the Implantation not go to plan, then you will be rescheduled for another event. Please note: If the Chip insertion device is no longer sterile, it will not be able to be re-used and a new chip will need to be purchased.

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